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Golden Rules of Dance Etiquette

Social dancing should be enjoyable for everyone who attends.  We ask first and foremost that everyone is friendly, cordial and respectful with each other.



The Crystal Chandeliers’ dance events will include information that will be stated on the tickets and posted on the

Club’s website regarding the expected dress code. 

  • FORMAL:  Gentlemen in Tuxedos or suit & tie.  Ladies in gowns, cocktail dresses or dressy evening attire.
  • SEMI-FORMAL:  Gentlemen in a suit & tie or dress slacks with dress shirt, tie, & sports jacket. Other options for the men include a vest or a sweater that shows the tie or a turtleneck with a jacket. Ladies in evening dresses or other chic outfits are acceptable (like skirts, tops and pants that are dressy)
  • DRESSY CASUAL:  Applies to most practice dances, workshops, and dance lessons. Gentlemen can wear nice slacks with a sweater or a nice dress shirt or polo shirt. Ladies have a much wider set of clothing options. Use your discretion and sense of fashion. No Jeans, shorts or T-shirts; this applies to both men & women.
  • THEMED DANCES:  The appropriate clothing may be worn at themed dances (ex. 50’s dance - this is where jeans would be acceptable). Or at a Halloween dance – costumes would be encouraged, etc.) However, the clothing should not be offensive and it should be comfortable enough for both you and your partner to dance in.
  • FOOTWEAR:  Ballroom Dance shoes are the preferred footwear. If you do not have dance shoes then they should be dress shoes.  Just make sure that they are somewhat smooth on the bottom to avoid sticking on the floor which can be uncomfortable and cause injuries. Also, do not wear shoes that will leave black marks on the floor.   No Tennis shoes, sports shoes, flip flops, beach sandals, work boots, or cowboy boots are allowed. Again this applies to both men & women.  No bare feet are allowed on the dance floor.  Proper footwear is for the safety of all dancers and to avoid any injuries.
  • HATS:  Top hats or dressy hats that go with the formal or semi-formal wear are acceptable however all gentlemen’s hats shall be removed when dancing. No baseball, cowboy or other inappropriate hats are allowed (unless it’s a themed dance). 

NOTE:  The Officers of the Club shall have a final say if there is a dispute in what is appropriate attire for the dance.


Dancing is an activity where two people come in close contact, so personal and oral hygiene is of the utmost importance.  A couple of things to keep in mind are:  

  • Bring your favorite breath mints with extra to share.
  • Abstain from foods that produce strong odors, like those heavy in garlic or onions
  • Dancers should also use a light touch when applying perfume, cologne or aftershave whereas some people are highly sensitive to fragrances.
  • Small hand towels are nice to have if excess perspiration is a problem.


In order for a social dance to be enjoyable for all participants, it is crucial to be considerate and aware of those around you. When you are dancing, you should respect the other couples on the floor.  On a crowded floor wild, swinging arms & legs are inappropriate and can inadvertently cause injuries. At times, collisions do occur and everyone involved should stop make sure that everyone is okay before dancing is resumed. If you are at fault, be courteous and apologize.


Observation of the traffic lanes in a ballroom can prevent mishaps. In Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Quickstep dancers move in a counterclockwise circle around the floor. This circle is known as “line of dance”. The outermost lane is for faster moving traffic. The inside lane is for those doing maneuvers in place or dancing slower.  It is best if beginners and those who would like to practice the basic steps without traveling, stay in the center of the dance floor, out of the line of dance completely until you are more comfortable with your dancing.  For the dance “traffic” to run smoothly, please do not go against the line of dance.



  • Etiquette is here to ensure everyone has a good time.
  • Be sure to ask several people to dance, especially our “single” dancers.
  • When asking someone to dance, offer them your hand and escort them out onto the dance floor.
  • After a dance, escort your partner back to their seat and thank them for dancing with you.
  • Do not decline a dance unless you absolutely have to.  If you do decline, please be gracious & kind and wait until the next song before you accept an invitation to dance again.
  • Be considerate of other couples on the floor by exercising good floor craft.  If the floor is crowded make your moves smaller so as not to injure anyone close by.
  • Be kind and dance to the level of your partner.
  • Today's beginners will be the dancers of tomorrow, so please help them to feel comfortable when you dance with them.
  • Never blame your partner for missteps.
  • No “unsolicited” teaching on the floor.
  • Smile and have a good time.


Inappropriate language, jokes, drunkenness, rowdiness or disrespect will not be tolerated. Members and/or guests that are found to be continuously offensive may be asked to leave a dance, meeting or other function of the club and members may have their membership revoked.


NOTE:  If someone at the dance has been threatening or abusive to you or another dancer, please report it immediately to one of the Officers.  Safety for our dancers is our first priority.

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